Razor E300 Electric Scooter Review

I got the Razor E300 Electric Scooter for my 13-year-old daughter because she didn’t want a seat on hers.  She loves the sturdy feel of the scooter and the wide deck.  We charged the battery for 18 hours to start out, and we plug it in every night.  So far, she’s been able to ride on it every day with no hitch.  The charge lasts about 40 minutes with continuous use.  This was a good choice for her.  She’s extremely happy with it.

The motor is pretty quiet
, which is probably a good thing since I’ve got all my kids zipping around the neighborhood on their scooters.  The twist-grip acceleration gets her moving up to 17 miles an hour.  The E300 travels well on our sloping streets, but it does hesitate a little when I’m riding it on an incline.  It doesn’t slow down traveling uphill for my daughter, though.

The scooter is really well-constructed.  The 10-inch wheels don’t seem burdened when I get on, and I’m almost 200 pounds.

It’s easy to store and travel with the Razor E300 because the handlebar mechanism folds down.

We did some reading before buying so we’re always sure to charge for at least 12 hours between uses, and we’ve had no problems with the scooter being ready to go.  That’s good since my daughter wants to ride everywhere she goes now.  She doesn’t mind walking, but the scooter is just so fun!


  • Fun for the whole family. With the high weight capacity, all of us have a turn on this fun scooter.
  • Heavily constructed.  This scooter is surprisingly sturdy and well-constructed, especially for the price.
  • Wide board.  The wide deck and frame make having fun comfortable and safe.
  • Easy way to go green.  With gas prices going up, we especially like having this battery-operated scooter that charges with electricity.


  • Moves slow with heavier riders.  The E300 rides well enough with me on it, but it doesn’t move as well on inclines with a heavier rider.
  • The motor gets hot. It’s not really a problem as long as the kids know not to touch the motor.

When I ordered this scooter for my daughter, I was concerned she might regret getting one without a seat, but she’s been very happy with her choice.  She stays busy riding to her friends’ houses and to the corner store, and the scooter stays up to speed.  There have been no problems with the Razor E300, and I recommend it.

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