How to Maintain and Care for Your Kids Electric Scooter

How to Maintain and Care for Your Kids Electric Scooter

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Most kids love their electric scooters so much and take them everywhere, they can wear out pretty quickly if not properly cared for. So it’s important to keep them properly maintained to ensure they don’t break down constantly and will last a long time.

Daily Maintenance for Your Kids Electric Scooter

An hour or so after each use, the battery should be charged once it has cooled down. Make sure the ignition is in the off position before doing so. Give the scooter a visual check to make sure everything looks okay. Check wheel alignment and tire pressure. Make sure all bolts are fastened and that the brake lever works properly.

Finally, use a damp cloth to clean the electric scooter. Never use a hose to wash down your scooter or spray it with water. This may cause the bearings and other internal parts to rust quickly, as well as possibly damage the battery and other electrical components.

Weekly Maintenance Tips for Electric Scooters

Check the wheels to make sure they are not bent out of their normal shape. If they are they should be replaced. Check the wheel bearings by turning the wheels and making sure they are rolling easily. If they shake or vibrate, it may be time to replace the bearings. The smoother the bearings the better, so buy ABEC-7 rated bearings and avoid ABEC-1. Check the tread on the tires and if they appear bald, the tires should be replaced.

Electric scooter battery maintenance

The fuses in the electric scooter and charging unit should be inspected to make sure they are not broken or burnt. If you need to replace a fuse, it is important the new fuse has the correct amperage, otherwise, it could damage the electrical systems of the scooter or charging unit. You can take the old fuse with you when purchasing if necessary to ensure you buy the correct one.

Keep the drive chains oiled
 on a weekly basis. The chain or drive belts should be inspected for wear and tear and for proper alignment with the hubs. When installing a new chain or belt on your electric scooter, make sure it has the right tension. The axles have tension adjusters that allow you to tune the tension 1/8 turn or a quarter turn. The tension should be snug – without slack but not drum tight.

Other things you should consider checking are:

Folding Joints – Units: Check and adjust if neccessary. Those can become more loose over time and you should check them once in a while. Refer to the suppliers manual for specific guide on how and what tools you might need.

Brakes: Because each scooter has it’s own system of braking, you should advise the suppliers manual in any case you want to maintain your or your kids safety.

Tyres: Most of Electric Scooters will either made with inflatable inner tube, or a solid composite tyres. Tyres should be checked quite often about maintaining the right pressure, while the rear type on scooters which have a heel break will wear downl a lot quicker than the front of course.

Understanding how to care for the maintenance and care of an electric scooter will not only ensure the best performance and safe operation, but will also help maintain its compatibility over the years.

Some of the considerations above must be examined more than others, and in the end, you cannot verify too much!

Although this is a good description of electric scooter maintenance, this article is intended to be an appendix to the owner’s manual, and we always recommend a consultation before carrying out any type of maintenance, because it will have important information specific to the model.

By following these tips for electric scooter care and maintenance, your kids will enjoy them for a long time and it will have much less of an effect on your wallet.?[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]