Currie Technologies eZip 500 Electric Scooter Review


I got the eZip 500 Electric Scooter for my youngest son, age 11.  He’s been chomping at the bit to have his own scooter, and he’s loving it.  The eZip 500 clips at a pretty good speed – 15 miles per hour.  It can go as far as 8 miles before needing another charge.  So far, that’s been plenty of time for my son to ride around before having to recharge again.  The streets in our neighborhood have slopes, and the scooter goes up as fast as it goes down the slopes.

We’re glad the scooter offers the option of using a seat because my son likes using the seat most of the time.  When the seat is removed, there’s a hole in the board, which concerned my wife.   It doesn’t pose any problems, though.

I’ve tried it out, since it has such a high weight capacity, being up to 240 pounds.  The nice Street Slick tires on 12.3-inch alloy wheels provide a nice ride.

The folding handlebars are a nice design element that makes for easy storage.


  • It has a good-sized motor. The scooter has a 500-watt DC earth magnet motor.
  • It travels 15 mph.  The speed is plenty fast to give my 11-year-old son a big thrill.  We always make sure he’s wearing a helmet.
  • It has a 240-weight capacity.  This scooter is fun for the whole family.  We can all take a turn since it has such a high weight capacity.
  • It has folding handlebars.  This is a handy feature because it makes for easy storage.


  • The board has a hole when the seat is removed.  This caused some concern, but there doesn’t seem to be any real problem.
  • It can move with a jolt.  The motor takes off with pep, and that can be scary for younger kids and their parents who might be nervous about them riding a scooter.

All three of my children have their own scooter now, and I’m really happy with my choice to get the eZip 500 Electric Scooter for my youngest.  It provides a sustained, peppy ride, even on slopes.  The charge lasts long enough for my son to fully enjoy it before having to recharge.  With my crowded garage, I especially appreciate the folding handlebars and the convenient storage.  This was a great buy.

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